Shoprider Sovereign

shoprider sovereign
The shoprider sovereign is a very popular mobility scooter. It has excellent performance and is relatively inexpensive.
It is reliable, comfortable and can be used very simply. The scooter comes with 10 inch tyres and 3.5 inch ground clearance so that bumps are not an impediemtn
It has a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge, and a Captains Seat can be added for an additional cost.
It has front and rear lights. A confortable sliding seat, and 5 position tiller adjustment.
The breaking is automatic, and it can be dismantled for storage or transportation.


  • Width: 60cm / 23.5″
  • Height: 94cm / 37″
  • Length: 125cm / 49″
  • Safe Climbing Angle: 8°
  • Maximum user weight: 115kgs / 250lbs / 18st
  • Battery size: 2 x 12v SLA 34a/h
  • Battery Charger Size: 3A
  • Range: 40km / 25 miles max
  • Weight with batteries: 82kgs / 180lbs
  • Heaviest part: 25kgs / 55lbs
  • Maximum speed: 6.5 kmph / 4mph

Mobility is essential to life and as wel get older getting around can be more and more difficult. As well as the issue of a fall while walking being much more likely to produce an injury, which may take a long time to recover from. These factors make a shoprider sovereign a good way to get about town. It also can give back independance to someone who has lost it, as otherwise someone needs to rely on another person to drive them around or to do shopping for them. There are not too many alternatives to this unfortunately, as driving can become out of reach due to impair vision and reaction times.

The shoprider sovereign is powered by an electric battery, this means that there are no emmisions produced by the mobility vehicle. Given that it is drive on the pavement with other pedestrians this is an essential feature. It requires daily charging after usage depending upon how much time is spent driving it.


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